my breeding

My dogs live the by the hour-spatial separation for very important in the house an in the kennel, there i feel !!! -    I can say of me that I am also glad, if I see and hear nothing frommy family, for a few hours, times. The puppies come in the house to the world, pull however with 5 weeks into a puppy area. From there they can at any time into the puppy discharge, which is equipped like an adventure playground.
Alternating noise, driving, palpation and climbing toys, a tunnel, Pool (only under supervision), as well as a ballbath are developed there. A mad experience for the puppies is the trip to the lake (here they accustom to drive itself at the same time to the car).
Walks in the adjacent fields, forests and brooks, in which they may rave extensively mad and, belong to for everyday execution. After the 5th life week the first visitors, gladly are also children may come seen. Thus the new make themselves "puppy owner" with their favorites familiarly and the environmental attracation of the puppies promote.
The puppies are chipt at the 6./7. weeks and introduced to a specialist. My domestic veterinary surgeon cares for the puppies from the birth to the term for filing. In the 8./9. life week the puppies pull then to their families.

The puppy buyers receive from me:

  • VDH/FCI recognized papers, which are sent to production to the owners
  • European Union Vaccination Card
  • Photo of the parents animals and the puppy (a CD)
  • Fodder recommendation and fodder (for the transition period)
  • Sales contract * Puppy accessories (toy, collar,…)
  • optional Book “Der Malinois” (fee required)
  • Request form for my breeding federation (free decision, no obligation)

To me is because of the contact with my puppy buyers and I there very much am very curious like it mean “ Babys” goes, stands I at any time in problems and questions over “keeping” , “training” and “Association work” for the order.

 Here are my dogs at home.