my breeding goal

The Malinois is really an workeager and play-joyful dog, which I can only confirm. Who enjoys the dog haven and also the will to operate this regularly is surely with one “ Mali” well serves. Behind my mating a philosophy, whether and into as far it can be realised, is shows up always only after some years.

Naturally one wants always “strong character”, “driving forces” and “healthy” Puppies breed, but the breed is an adventure and everyone, which are concerned with the race, knows like many different factors a role plays here.

Apart from the priority nature characteristics health is an important criterion. Thus comes middle or heavy hp with “Mali” as well as not at all forwards, while the percentage is here at other customs dog races with approx. 20%. HD freely are approx. 80% of the dogs, at other races are the percentage below 50%. If one takes still the transition form of the HD in addition, which also not yet when hp is to be regarded, one comes on a HD free percentage of 98% – which is probably reached by hardly another race of this size.

Nature consists not only genetically, but also of breed, raising and training. “Mali” is watchful and actively, of bubbling over liveliness and always action. Apart from its innate abilities as guardians of the herds, he possesses the valuable characteristics of a very good guard for humans, house and yard. It defends its gentleman without any hesitating persistent and passionately. Also opposite children I would like to absolutely mention its sociable nature.
With delivery of the puppies it is valid to also give the most important basic principles to the beginning owners on the way, therefore the breed ends also not with the delivery of the puppies, but is a task of many years. If the puppy is born and the sensory organs develops, the most important work begins: the coinage on humans (also children) and the coinage on the environment.

I commit myself these “ Features and Health” to fulfill, thus my puppy buyers a good starting situation for their “ Mali” gotten.