wanted poster: 
name: Nicolle Holicka
born: 23.12.1974
federation: DVG, VDH/FCI, BSB e.V


The dog haven virus struck me 1996. With “Asta” a Germanshepherd Dog-Mix made I mean first BH/VT and work her in the VPG / IPO, as well as within the THS range. Here we had to register mehrer successes: repeated circle and national Champions in the DVG (regional committee Westphalia) and 1998 “ dhv DM/THS German Champion”. I got myself then germanshepherd dog to one “ Aßlan von der Friedrichskluft” also I led this shepherd dog again, however without success, since he became very ill. Thus it came that now the first Malinois dog “ Diva vom Lortzingweg” their place with me took. Apart from training my dogs I practiced many years the posts of the Coach and “ VDH Dog-licence” in my DVG association out. Since my life partner at that time Stefan and “ Diva” an inseparable pair, decided I “ in the year 2002, a new Malinios dog; “Angel vom Allgäuer Mächeler” to buy. With this marvelous dog I came for the first time on the thought to breed Malinois. With that Malinois coarse one “Pacha de Virlevent” I attached to old successes and led the coarse one several times with a high “SG” and “V” on association/circle/national examinations, dhv sifting in IPO / VPG 3 forwards. Also with the DMC “ Championat 2004 in Cottbus” we demonstrated, although we only 1/2 year “Training” had. In the meantime left us 2004 completely quietly our dogs “Asta” and “Aßlan”. In the same year I let myself “ my kennel names; “von den brennenden Herzen” protect in the VDH and of the FCI. Now it was finally so far, “Angel” got in the year 2005 their first throw. But looks simply even under “ Puppys” after. In the year 2009 ours attained “Joy von den kleinen Helden” the breeding fitness.

Now we will aim at the VPG / IPO 1 and will prepare us on our 1st throw with “Joy”.